Become a Supporting Pillar of Stambaugh Auditorium

Majestically, in the heart of Youngstown’s Northside, Stambaugh Auditorium has looked over Wick Park since its fruition in 1926. The iconic pillars on the front of the auditorium seemingly hold up this great hall, providing support essential to the existence of the historic, beloved building. This is where you, our honored guests and patrons, come in to play. Much like these magnificent pillars, Stambaugh Auditorium relies on your support for its continued growth. Please find information in this brochure on how to become a supporting pillar of Stambaugh Auditorium.

Becoming a supporting pillar requires a passion for the arts and a connection to Youngstown’s history. We strive to accomplish a generational balance, offering events appropriate for all different ages. New and continued memberships guarantee the future success of Stambaugh Auditorium. Yesterday’s radiant, innovative youth have developed into respected resources of wisdom, and today’s will become significant influences to future generations, and has continued to do so with each new member for over 90 years.

Below, you will find an outlined explanation and a listing of the new membership levels we offer. Our goal is to increase our membership numbers so that we can continue to assist in funding the exciting events and improvements currently taking place at Stambaugh Auditorium. Stambaugh Auditorium is a first-rate institution of the Mahoning Valley, and the dedication of people like you make it possible to ensure its success. We hope you will enjoy reading about our membership program and consider becoming a supporting pillar of Stambaugh Auditorium.